Lora Dillenkoffer

Project Management, Management Consulting

Hi, I'm "Lora Dillenkoffer".

Lora Dillenkoffer's Bio:

"Lora Dillenkoffer" is the Director of Marketing at PHCNO. She is in charge of the online marketing strategy and implementation. Lora is also in charge of the ambassador program which is a successfull marketing campaign that has doubled monthly revenue. 

 Lora received her certification as a CAPM. She graduated with highest honors and her bachelors degree in project management. She plans on going back to school and getting her master's degree in Hospital Administration.

 Her favorite quote is "life is not always how you plan it but what you make of it."


For fun, Lora enjoy spending time with her for kids and two dogs.

 "Lora in not afraid of getting her hands dirty and doing all of the hard work."Sometimes having to do "the dirty work", the work that you don't always do, helps you learn from your mistakes. Her motto is that there is always something that you can learn.


Lora Dillenkoffer's Experience:

  • Marketing Director at PHCNO

Lora Dillenkoffer's Education:

  • ITT Technical Institute

  • East Jefferson High School

Lora Dillenkoffer's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Crafting, Project Management, Family, Dancing, Music, Drawing, Reading